Upcoming Site Maintenance 1/23/2018

Molti is dedicated to ensuring the security and reliability of our platform. With this in mind, we will be performing maintenance on molti January 23rd at 7 PM Pacific Time. During the maintenance window, there will be an estimated 3 hours of downtime while the work is performed. We assure you that every effort is made to [...]

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Upcoming Site Maintenance 7/11/17

Molti is dedicated to ensuring your account and our platform is secure and reliable. Your projects and productivity is our number one priority, which is why we are committed to making our platform perform optimally. With that purpose in mind, we will be performing maintenance on molti July 11th at 7 PM Pacific Time. During the maintenance [...]

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SOC 2 Compliance

We are excited to announce our SOC 2 compliance!  This independent review of our practices concerning the security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality of our company, and powerful web application, demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest industry standards. The SOC 2 audit report was developed by the AICPA and requires companies to create and implement [...]

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Privacy Policy Update

We have made some enhancements to our Privacy Policy that we thought you would like to be aware of. Don’t worry - we have only enhanced the policy to be consistent with the Department of Commerce and EU-US Privacy Shield standards and to reflect our new service from Google Analytics. The Privacy Shield update emphasizes [...]

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The Science Behind the Task List

Have you ever tried to plan your daily task list only to forget the first task before you reach the last? Don’t worry, that's not just you. Studies tell us that we do have a limit to the number of things that we can remember at a given time and that number appears to be around four.

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A note from our CEO

Using a network shared drive to store an excel file with a tab to track projects and a bunch of other tabs to store and manage data seemed a little 90’s to us. However, that’s how the company we worked for collaborated on everything the core couldn’t handle. The company has a large development staff focused, [...]

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Information Security Officer Perspective

“As the Information Security Officer for a financial institution, I am always concerned about the security of our data. Molti has rigorously applied the latest security measures to ensure data in transit and at rest will remain safe while using this platform.  Molti has given us a safe place to grow our business in the cloud [...]

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Bank CTO Perspective

“Efficiencies and return on investment are top priorities at our Bank. Molti delivers on this, and provides the tools our Bank needs without the requirement for developers or system administrators.  It is a self-service platform, where users are empowered to collaborate, create their own workflows, forms, reports, and sites without any involvement from the IT department." [...]

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