Privacy Policy Update

We’ve made some changes to our Privacy Policy which can be found here: (Link). We’ve have partnered with Stripe, a PCI compliant third party payment processor, to help you safely and securely submit payments. We’ve also added some additional information on third parties we work with and consent practices: • Billing information is collected for [...]

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Upcoming Site Maintenance 1/23/2018

Molti is dedicated to ensuring the security and reliability of our platform. With this in mind, we will be performing maintenance on molti January 23rd at 7 PM Pacific Time. During the maintenance window, there will be an estimated 3 hours of downtime while the work is performed. We assure you that every effort is made to [...]

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Upcoming Site Maintenance 7/11/17

Molti is dedicated to ensuring your account and our platform is secure and reliable. Your projects and productivity is our number one priority, which is why we are committed to making our platform perform optimally. With that purpose in mind, we will be performing maintenance on molti July 11th at 7 PM Pacific Time. During the maintenance [...]

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SOC 2 Compliance

We are excited to announce our SOC 2 compliance!  This independent review of our practices concerning the security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality of our company, and powerful web application, demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest industry standards. The SOC 2 audit report was developed by the AICPA and requires companies to create and implement [...]

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